Athletes and Social Media: Is It a Good Mix?

The Controversial Call

After the huge controversial call at the end of the Packers and Seahawks game, social media sites were flooding with traffic. One Twitter profile I became particularly attracted to was TJ Lang. His anger is quite obvious and his use of f bombs towards the replacement refs got me to thinking: What are the rules when it comes to social media and athletes?

Example of TJ Lang's Tweets

The Rules

According to a Mashable Article, there are several rules I was unaware of. I had no idea that players could use social media up until 90 minutes before the game, although this makes sense. It was also news to me that officials, as well as anyone in the officiating department, are not allowed to use social media at all. This article then gives examples of players that violated the rules, including Chad OchoCinco. By breaking the rules, he was fined $25,000! I would rather keep my money than throw it away by engaging in social media.

Another article I found dealt with social media and the Olympics. One of the rules that caught my eye was that the athletes were not allowed to promote and brands, products or services. I would think that the Olympics would be an excellent way for athletes to promote certain brands, but the IOC will not allow it.

Check out some other rules and regulations that athletes have to abide by. Do you agree with them?